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Our courses require a minimum of 3 months subscription.
Why? In our experience, this is the minimum amount of time needed for new students to develop a basic understanding of a discipline and to experience benefits that will help one to continue practice.

Pricing is for a single discipline or course.
Sign up for a second discipline at 25% off and a third discipline at 50% off!
You may upgrade your plan at any time.

Each additional family member in your household gets 50% off all subscription fees!

Great For Beginners
First 3-6 months
Starter Plan
(Canadian Dollars)
$1 Trial Available
First 2 years
Standard Plan
(Canadian Dollars)
Dedicated, Advanced,
and Local Teachers
Dedicated Plan
(Canadian Dollars)
Course videosYou will be able to access video content that will give you direction and details on what to practice.
Downloadable study materialsYou will be able to download study materials such as diagrams, charts, and exercises.
Online course progressionYou will be able to track your progress online. It will remind you what to practice, when to take tests, and when new content is available.
Discussion BoardsYou'll be able to participate in discussions with other students and teachers. This becomes a natural resource to find answers to most your questions.
Progressive contentBy design, content will only become available as you progress and pass certain test. This ensures you are learning at an appropriate pace. Persevere and strive!
Online testingYou will need to participate in tests in order to unlock new content. These are mostly online forms with true/false or multiple choice questions.
Progression FeedbackBy design, you will need to upload a video of yourself demonstrating a particular technique or taoluform. A qualified instructor will then review and provide you with feedback to improve. Some content cannot be unlocked until you complete this step.
Access to annual grading examsGrading is optional and will earn you an electronic certificate. More information is available when you reach a certainly level of progression with the Standard Subscription.
Bi-monthly feedbackYou will be able to ask questions by uploading a video twice a month for feedback. You can ask anything that is related to a particular lesson.
Start a Local ChapterWhen you are ready, you will be able to start your own local school/chapter and invite online students to join. This will give you additional perks such as further discounts, hosting your own live streaming training sessions, and more.
Live Stream eventsWe are planning to offer a live stream Zoom meeting at least once every 6 months to dedicated students. More information to come!
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