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Shaolin Meditation
Shaolin Meditation [少林坐禪 - Shàolín Zuòchán] is the ultimate practice for peace in the heart and stillness of the mind.

Your First 3-6 Months

The goal of this period is to get you acquainted with the terminology and structure for the traditional style and philosophy of training. When you understand how the system works, you'll be able to understand how to get the most out of your training experience.

You'll start off learning about the fundamentals of meditation and immediately start practicing short 5 minute sessions with the Seven Step Sitting Meditation form.

As you gain Experience Points (XP) and level up, you'll unlock techniques to help you improve your ability to meditate and understand basic goals of progression.

Eventually you will progress to 20 minute sessions.

The Next 12-24 Months and Beyond

Surprisingly to many, there is not much more in terms of technique. The strength of Shaolin meditation lies in its simplicity. It's all about practice, awareness, and understanding.

To get more out of meditation, it's time to reflect on yourself through Chán and similar philosophy. At this time, Master Dao will only teach and guide students through live interaction rather than having online course content. This may change in time as Master Dao considers how to approach this in the best way.

You will want to attend classes with Master Dao Shi through his free meditation workshops, full day Shaolin training workshops, and events such as the Shaolin Retreat Camping experience.

These sessions are usually listed here: https://store.stqitoronto.com/index.php/school/events

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