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Shaolin Kung Fu Progression
Shaolin Kung Fu [少林功夫 - Shàolín Gōngfū] is the ultimate expression of the human body for physical and mental strength.

Your First 3-6 Months

The first few months of training are perhaps the most important! The goal of this period is to get you acquainted with the terminology and structure for the traditional style and philosophy of training. When you understand how the system works, you'll be able to understand how to get the most out of your training experience.

You'll start off learning basic warm up and stretching routines and immediately start taking short daily classes. You'll also begin your stance training with the Măbù 馬步 Horse Stance.

As you gain Experience Points (XP) and level up, you'll unlock more foundation stances and take a 'Basic Foundation Class' which includes many of the exercises learned.

With more time and practice, you'll unlock the remaining starter content including Foundation Kicks, the Five Stance Fist Wǔbùquán 五步拳 form, and a Shaolin Kung Fu Fitness class for daily practice.

For the next while, you'll continue to build up your physical strength, flexibility, coordination, and athletcism. Eventually you'll be able to unlock the Intermediate content which will require the Starter Subscription.

The Next 12-24 Months

Having finished the basic training, you'll be able to expand your skillset and breadth of understanding with the Standard Subscription content.

As you can continue to improve your foundation, you'll learn the Shaolin Virtues philosophy framework, self-defence techniques for kicks and punches, and take your first Shaolin Kung Fu Level 1 classes. Those with Dedicated Subscriptions will be able to access additional training content including slow-motion studies of Master Dao demonstrating effectiveness in various techniques.

While doing so, you'll continue to master the Five Stance Fist Wǔbùquán 五步拳 form, and progress to other forms such as: Small Chaining Form Xiǎoliánhuán 小連環, Eight Stance Chaining Form Bābùliánhuán 八步連環, and Through the Arms Form Tōngbìquán 通臂拳. Those who are especially dedicated may be able to begin staff weaponry training.

Each taolu form is has 4 levels of mastery. You'll be expected to have lower stances and more powerful movements and strikes as you progress.

In order to maintain tradition and quality of Shaolin Kung Fu, you'll be expected to pass tests by uploading videos of yourself demonstrating each form. If your form needs more work, our coaches will give you feedback and guidance.

Beyond 2 Years

As you advance in your capability, you will continue to get stronger and stronger. You will surely feel your vitality rise. You will continue to learn more forms and advanced techniques.

You may also consider becoming a Junior Instructor and develop your own local training club (we are currently working this out so stay tuned!).

Some additional forms you will progress to are: Small Flooding Fist Xiǎohóngquán 小洪拳, Big Flooding Fist Dàhóngquán 大洪拳, and Seven Star Fist Qīxīngquan 七星拳.

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