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Any One Can Benefit From These Classes

We have programs that will benefit people of all ages and genders.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, boost your immune system, relieve stress, or learn a martial art, our classes have something for everyone. Take the time to explore the Shaolin disciplines to better understand how the ancient Shaolin teachings may help you.

With Master Dao Shi's wisdom and experience, the traditional Shaolin arts have been refined into progressive online courses that cater to people who are healthy as well as those who feel they are unfit or not athletic.

His experience is the result of teaching hundreds and thousands of people in Shaolin martial arts kung fu, qigong, and meditation. Some of his students are as young as 2.5 years old and some students are over 80 years old.

By following Master Dao Shi's guidance, you'll minimize injury and learn in a way that makes the most sense to you.

A Verifiable and Authentic Shaolin Lineage

Master Dao Shi officially became a 35th Generation Shaolin disciple in the year 2011. His mission is to help others live a more fruitful life by passing on the teachings and secrets of the Shaolin arts.

His revered master, Shifu Shi Guo Song [釋果松 - Shì Guǒ Sōng], is a world-reknowned expert in the Shaolin arts and was once the Chief Warrior coach of the Shaolin Temple.

Master Dao Shi's Disciple Ceremony in 2011 with Shifu Guo Song on right

Our Great Grandmaster Shi Miao Xing [释妙兴 Shì Miào Xīng] on right

Shaolin [少林 Shàolín] is a 1,500 year old culture originating in central-northeast China, near a city named Dengfeng in the Henan province. Shaolin kung fu and qigong constitute one of the oldest known institutionalized marital arts systems in the world.

Traditional Shaolin was first brought to Canada in 2007 by Master Shi Guo Song. Shaolin has survived today because of the filial system of master and disciple.

A Proper Training and Advancement System

Traditional Shaolin philosophy says that one needs to focus on building their Jī Běn Gōng [基本功] (meaning foundation) and that this effort needs to be a lifelong journey.

People are often tempted by quick and easy methods to learn martial arts. This often leads to fast but temporary and even discouraging results.

By training properly and slowing down, you'll develop a better foundation, prevent injuries, and have a clear understanding of where you are at and what you need to do to advance.

Our online class subscription provides you with a complete training schedule. Every detail has been carefully planned by Master Dao Shi to ensure you progress according to the proven Shaolin training methods.

The image chart on the right is an example of how you would start in Shaolin Kung Fu and progress. At each level you are provided with a clear set of what you need to learn, how to study, and what to pass in order to advance. Passing the tests for a level unlocks the study plan for the next level.

Since everyone has a different background, there is no specific measure of how fast you will progress. You advance at the pace that works best for you.

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